by Elliot Ackerman and James Stavridis
 @elliotackerman | @stavridisj

“Consider this another vaccine against disaster. Fortunately, this dose won’t cause a temporary fever—and it happens to be a rippingly good read.” —Wired

“This crisply written and well-paced book reads like an all-caps warning for a world shackled to the machines we carry in our pockets and place on our laps . . .” —The Washington Post

From two former military officers and award-winning authors, a chillingly authentic geopolitical thriller that imagines a naval clash between the US and China in the South China Sea in 2034—and the path from there to a nightmarish global conflagration.

Interview with the Authors

The Interview with Hugh Hewitt
13. James Stavridis & Elliot Ackerman, co-authors, “2034: A Novel of the Next World War”
3/19/21         43 min

The Lawfare Podcast
‘2034: A Novel of the Next World War’
3/15/21         43 min

Carnegie Council 
2034: A Novel of the Next World War, with Admiral James Stavridis & Elliot Ackerman
3/31/21        59 min

Kickass News
Admiral James Stavridis and Novelist Elliot Ackerman
3/18/21        32 min

Talk Cocktail
Imagining the Next World War: 2034
4/2/21       24 min

Writer’s Bone
Episode 476: 2034, With Authors Elliot Ackerman and Admiral James Stavridis
4/26/21          37 min

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