Book cover of A Darker Wilderness: Black Nature Writing from Soil to Stars by Erin Sharkeyby Erin Sharkey

A vibrant collection of personal and lyric essays in conversation with archival objects of Black history and memory.

What are the politics of nature? Who owns it, where is it, what role does it play in our lives? Does it need to be tamed? Are we ourselves natural? In A Darker Wilderness, a constellation of luminary writers reflect on the significance of nature in their lived experience and on the role of nature in the lives of Black folks in the United States. Each of these essays engages with a single archival object, whether directly or obliquely, exploring stories spanning hundreds of years and thousands of miles, traveling from roots to space and finding rich Blackness everywhere.

Interview with the Author

The History of Literature 
558 Black Nature Writing (with Erin Sharkey)
10/19/23           62 min

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