by Paul Preston

Nowhere does the ceaseless struggle to maintain democracy in the face of political corruption come more alive than in Paul Preston’s magisterial history of modern Spain.

The culmination of a half-century of historical investigation, A People Betrayed is not only a definitive history of modern Spain but also a compelling narrative that becomes a lens for understanding the challenges that virtually all democracies have faced in the modern world.

Whereas so many twentieth-century Spanish histories begin with Franco and the devastating Civil War, Paul Preston’s magisterial work begins in the late nineteenth century with Spain’s collapse as a global power, especially reflected in its humiliating defeat in 1898 at the hands of the United States and its loss of colonial territory.

Interview with the Author

History’s Most
24. History’s Most Corrupt Political Class (Ft. Paul Preston)
10/5/20        65 min

History Extra
Everything you ever wanted to know about the Spanish Civil War, but were afraid to ask
8/16/20       58 min

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