Book cover of A World Without Soil: The Past, Present, and Precarious Future of the Earth Beneath Our Feet by Jo Handelsmanby Jo Handelsman

A celebrated biologist’s manifesto addressing a soil loss crisis accelerated by poor conservation practices and climate change

“Jo Handelsman is a national treasure, and her clarion call warning of a looming soil-loss catastrophe must be heard. Add her clearly written alarm to other future-shocks: climate change, pandemics, and mass extinctions.”—Laurie Garrett, Pulitzer Prize winner and author of The Coming Plague: Newly Emerging Diseases in a World out of Balance

“The ground beneath our feet is slipping away as we lose the precious soil that sustains us. Jo Handelsman’s writing—as rich and life supporting as the soil itself—is a riveting warning.”—Alan Alda, actor, writer, and host of the podcast “Clear+Vivid with Alan Alda”

Interview with the Author

Podcast art for Clear+Vivid with Alan AldaClear+Vivid with Alan Alda 
Jo Handelsman on the Surprising News That the Earth is Running Out of Dirt 
1/13/20         44 min

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