Book cover of African and Caribbean People in Britain: A History by Hakim Adiby Hakim Adi

A major new history of Britain that transforms our understanding of this country’s past

I’ve waited so long so read a comprehensively researched book about Black history on this island. This is it: a journey of discovery and a truly exciting and important work’ Zainab Abbas

Despite the best efforts of researchers and campaigners, there remains today a steadfast tendency to reduce the history of African and Caribbean people in Britain to a simple story: it is one that begins in 1948 with the arrival of a single ship, the Empire Windrush, and continues mostly apart from a distinct British history, overlapping only on occasion amid grotesque injustice or pioneering protest.

Interview with the Author

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African and Caribbean people in Britain: a 2,000-year history
9/20/22           37 min

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The Long History of African and Caribbean People in Britain
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