Book cover of An Immense World: How Animal Senses Reveal the Hidden Realms Around Us by Ed Yongby Ed Yong

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • A “thrilling” (The New York Times), “dazzling” (The Wall Street Journal) tour of the radically different ways that animals perceive the world that will fill you with wonder and forever alter your perspective, by Pulitzer Prize–winning science journalist Ed Yong

“One of this year’s finest works of narrative nonfiction.”—Oprah Daily

The Earth teems with sights and textures, sounds and vibrations, smells and tastes, electric and magnetic fields. But every kind of animal, including humans, is enclosed within its own unique sensory bubble, perceiving but a tiny sliver of our immense world.

Interview with the Author

Podcast art for Armchair Expert with Dax ShepardArmchair Expert with Dax Shepard 
Ed Yong (on animal sense)
6/9/22          98 min

Podcast Art of Intelligence SquaredIntelligence Squared 
The Magical World of Animal Senses, with Ed Yong
7/15/22           55 min

Podcast art for Sean Carroll's Mindscape: Science, Society, Philosophy, Culture, Arts, and IdeasSean Carroll’s Mindscape: Science, Society, Philosophy, Culture, Arts, and Ideas 
201 | Ed Yong on How Animals Sense the World
6/20/22            69 min

Podcast art for Instant Genius a Science Focus PodcastInstant Genius 
Animal Senses, with Ed Yong
6/26/22          26 min

Podcast art for Sixth & i LiveSixth & I LIVE 
Ed Yong, Pulitzer Prize-winning science writer, with Clint Smith
7/15/22          64 min

The TED Interview 
Ed Yong on how animal senses reveal the world around us
9/22/22           45 min

Podcast art for Keen OnKeen On 
Ed Yong: Why Perceiving Animal Senses Makes us Empathetic Not Only to Other Creatures But Also to Each Other
7/8/22           31 min

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