Book cover of Black AF History: The Un-Whitewashed Story of America by Michael Harriotby Michael Harriot

From acclaimed columnist and political commentator Michael Harriot, a searingly smart and bitingly hilarious retelling of American history that corrects the record and showcases the perspectives and experiences of Black Americans.

America’s backstory is a whitewashed mythology implanted in our collective memory. It is the story of the pilgrims on the Mayflower building a new nation. It is George Washington’s cherry tree and Abraham Lincoln’s log cabin. It is the fantastic tale of slaves that spontaneously teleported themselves here with nothing but strong backs and negro spirituals. It is a sugarcoated legend based on an almost true story.

Interview with the Author

Podcast art for Larry Wilmore: Black on the AirLarry Wilmore: Black on the Air 
Michael Harriot on ‘Black AF History: The Un-Whitewashed Story of America’
9/23/23          66 min

Toure Show
Michael Harriot–I’m Black AF
11/15/23         56 min

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Why Are Americans Afraid of Black History with Michael Harriot
10/4/23          60 min

Podcast art for The Stacks PodcastThe Stacks 
Ep. 288 Just Presenting the Facts with Michael Harriot
10/11/23          50 min

Podcast art of Slate CultureSlate Books
A Word: Wrong from the Beginning
9/15/23        34 min

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