Book cover of Blood Oil: Tyrants, Violence, and the Rules that Run the World by Leif Wenarby Leif Wenar

Natural resources like oil and minerals are the largest source of unaccountable power in the world. Petrocrats like Putin and the Saudis spend resource money on weapons and oppression; militants in Iraq and in the Congo spend resource money on radicalization and ammunition. Resource-fueled authoritarians and extremists present endless crises to the West-and the source of their resource power is ultimately ordinary consumers, doing their everyday shopping at the gas station and the mall.

 In this sweeping new book, one of today’s leading political philosophers, Leif Wenar, goes behind the headlines in search of the hidden global rule that thwarts democracy and development-and that puts shoppers into business with some of today’s most dangerous men.

Interview with the Author

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Leif Wenar on Blood OIl 
5/16/16         64 min

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Leif Wenar, “Blood Oil: Tyranny, Violence, and the Rules that Run the World” (Oxford UP, 2016)
3/2/16         65 min

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