Book cover of Cleopatra's Daughter: From Roman Prisoner to African Queen by Jane Draycottby Jane Draycott

The first modern biography of one of the most influential yet long-neglected rulers of the ancient world: Cleopatra Selene, daughter of Antony and Cleopatra.

“A vibrant, fascinating portrait of a great woman who deserves her place in the pantheon of Roman queens.” —Emma Southon

As the only daughter of Roman Triumvir Marc Antony and Egyptian Queen Cleopatra VII, Cleopatra Selene was expected to uphold traditional feminine virtues; to marry well and bear sons; and to legitimize and strengthen her parents’ rule. Yet with their parents’ deaths by suicide, the princess and her brothers found themselves the inheritors of Egypt, a claim that placed them squarely in the warpath of the Roman emperor.

Interview with the Author

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Cleopatra’s triumphant daughter
2/13/23          40 min

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Cleopatra’s Daughter
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Author Interview: Jane Draycott (Cleopatra’s Daughter: Egyptian Princess, Roman Prisoner, African Queen)
5/19/23          46 min

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