by Eric Berkowitz

A fascinating examination of how restricting speech has continuously shaped our culture, and how censorship is used as a tool to prop up authorities and maintain class and gender disparities

Through compelling narrative, historian Eric Berkowitz reveals how drastically censorship has shaped our modern society. More than just a history of censorship, Dangerous Ideas illuminates the power of restricting speech; how it has defined states, ideas, and culture; and (despite how each of us would like to believe otherwise) how it is something we all participate in. 

Interview with the Author

History Extra
Censorship: waging war on free speech
8/18/21        39 min

So to Speak: The Free Speech Podcast
EP. 138 A History of Western Censorship with Eric Berkowitz
6/17/21          80 min

Tangentially Speaking with Christopher Ryan
473 – Eric Berkowitz (Author: Dangerous Ideas)
4/29/21          103 min

Interview starts at 15 min

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