by Daniel Deudney

Space is again in the headlines. E-billionaires Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk are planning to colonize Mars. President Trump wants a “Space Force” to achieve “space dominance” with expensive high-tech weapons. The space and nuclear arms control regimes are threadbare and disintegrating.

Would-be asteroid collision diverters, space solar energy collectors, asteroid miners, and space geo-engineers insistently promote their Earth-changing mega-projects. Given our many looming planetary catastrophes (from extreme climate change to runaway artificial superintelligence), looking beyond the earth for solutions might seem like a sound strategy for humanity. And indeed, bolstered by a global network of fervent space advocates-and seemingly rendered plausible, even inevitable, by oceans of science fiction and the wizardly of modern cinema-space beckons as a fully hopeful path for human survival and flourishing, a positive future in increasingly dark times.

Interview with the Author

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Daniel Deudney, “Dark Skies: Space Expansionism, Planetary Geopolitics, and the Ends of Humanity” (Oxford UP, 2020)
11/12/20        74 min

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2/4/21       93 min

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The Argument Against Human Colonies in Space
8/16/20       34 min

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