by Alex Bezzerides

“An exhilarating clamber through some of the remoter branches of the human family tree…. Evolution Gone Wrong is the fascinating tale of our imperfections.” —Thomas Morris, author of The Mystery of the Exploding Teeth

From blurry vision to crooked teeth, ACLs that tear at alarming rates and spines that seem to spend a lifetime falling apart, it’s a curious thing that human beings have beaten the odds as a species.

After all, we’re the only survivors on our branch of the tree of life. The flaws in our makeup raise more than a few questions, and this detailed foray into the many twists and turns of our ancestral past includes no shortage of curiosity and humor to find the answers.

Interview with the Author

Leonard Lopate at Large on WBAI Radio In New York
Alex Bezzerides on Evolution Gone Wrong: The Curious Reasons Why Our Bodies Work (Or Don’t)
6/4/21         55 min

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