by David Farrier

A profound meditation on climate change and the Anthropocene and an urgent search for the fossils―industrial, chemical, geological―that humans are leaving behind

What will the world look like in ten thousand years―or ten million? What kinds of stories will be told about us?

In Footprints: In Search of Future Fossils, the award-winning author David Farrier explores the traces we will leave for the very distant future. Modern civilization has created objects and landscapes with the potential to endure through deep time, whether it is plastic polluting the oceans and nuclear waste sealed within the earth or the 30 million miles of roads spanning the planet. Our carbon could linger in the atmosphere for 100,000 years, and the remains of our cities will still exist millions of years from now as a layer in the rock. These future fossils have the potential to reveal much about how we lived in the twenty-first century.

Interview with the Author

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639 – David Farrier’s Footprints
6/8/20        30 min

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Footprints: In search of future fossils
10/22/20        44 min

Emergence Magazine
We’re Gonna Carry That Weight a Long Time – David Farrier
5/25/21         26 min


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