Book Cover of Front Row at the Trump Show by Jonathan Karl  by Jonathan Karl

An account like no other from the White House reporter who has known President Donald Trump for more than 25 years.

We have never seen a president like this…norm-breaking, rule-busting, dangerously reckless to some and an overdue force for change to others. One thing is clear: We are witnessing the reshaping of the presidency. 

Jonathan Karl brings us into the White House in a powerful book unlike any other on the Trump administration. He’s known and covered Donald Trump longer than any other White House reporter.  With extraordinary access to Trump during the campaign and at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Karl delivers essential new reporting and surprising insights.

Interview with the author

Commonwealth Club of California
Jonathan Karl: Front Row at the Trump Show
6/17/20        65 min

After Words
Jonathan Karl, Author of “Front Row at the Trump Show”
4/5/20       64 min


Keen On
Jonathan Karl: Front Row at the Trump Show
9/3/20        29 min

Talks at GS
Jonathan Karl, Chief White House Correspondent for ABC News
4/7/20        29 min


C-Span BookTV
Afterwords with Jonathan Karl

C-Span      4/2/20
                   63 min

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