by Cade Metz

“This colorful page-turner puts artificial intelligence into a human perspective. Through the lives of Geoff Hinton and other major players, Metz explains this transformative technology and makes the quest thrilling.”
—Walter Isaacson, 
author of The Code Breaker


Recipient of starred reviews in both Kirkus and Library Journal


What does it mean to be smart? To be human? What do we really want from life and the intelligence we have, or might create?

Interview with the Author

Inquiring Minds
Where did artificial intelligence come from?
4/8/21        44 min

The Realignment
122 | Cade Metz: How Google, Facebook, Elon Musk’s OpenAI, and the U.S. and Chinese Governments Will Shape AI’s Future
5/4/21        47 min

Technology and Space – The history and future of space tech, exploration and business
How Google, Facebook, and other tech companies developed their AI – Interview with Cade Metz
6/1/21        60 min

We Study Billionaires
TIP348: Will Artificial Intelligence Take Over the World? w/ Cade Metz
5/9/21         66 min

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