Book cover of Himalaya: Exploring the Roof of the World by John Keayby John Keay

A groundbreaking exploration of Himalaya: one of the world’s most extraordinary geophysical, historical, environmental and social regions

‘Adds the human element to the hard rock. And what a rich vein it is’ Michael Palin

John Keay is the master storyteller and historian. This grand narrative of Himalaya is as epic as the mountains and peoples he describes’ Dan Snow

History has not been kind to Himalaya. Empires have collided here, cultures have clashed. Buddhist India claimed it from the south, Islam put down roots in its western approaches, Mongols and Manchus rode in from the north, and, from the east, China continues to absorb what it prefers not to call Tibet. Hunters have decimated its wildlife and mountaineers have bagged its peaks. Today, machinery gouges minerals out of its rock.

Interview with the Author

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The Himalayas
1/11/23           23 min

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John Keay, “Himalaya: Exploring the Roof of the World” (Bloomsbury, 2022)
11/24/22             45 min

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