by Randall Munroe 

“How To will make you laugh as you learn…With How To, you can’t help but appreciate the glorious complexity of our universe and the amazing breadth of humanity’s effort to comprehend it. If you want some lightweight edification, you won’t go wrong with How To.” —CNET
“[How To] has science and jokes in it, so 10/10 can recommend.” —Simone Giertz

The world’s most entertaining and useless self-help guide from the brilliant mind behind the wildly popular webcomic xkcd and the bestsellers What If? and Thing Explainer

Interview with the Author

Vox Conversations
Randall Munroe, the genius behind XKCD
9/15/19      88 min

The B&N Podcast
Randall Munroe
9/18/19      35 min


Science Focus
Randall Munroe: How do you find the worst solution to any problem?
11/13/19       34 min

Kickass News
Randall Munroe on Hard Way to do Simple Things
9/16/19       45 min

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