Book cover of How You Say It: Why You Talk the Way You Do―And What It Says About You by Katherine D. Kinzlerby Katherine D. Kinzler

From “one of the most brilliant young psychologists of her generation” (Paul Bloom), a groundbreaking examination of how speech causes some of our deepest social divides—and how it can help us overcome them. 

We gravitate toward people like us; it’s human nature. Race, class, and gender shape our social identities, and thus who we perceive as “like us” or “not like us”. But one overlooked factor can be even more powerful: the way we speak. As the pioneering psychologist  Katherine Kinzler reveals in How You Say It, the way we talk is central to our social identity because our speech largely reflects the voices we heard as children. We can change how we speak to some extent, whether by “code-switching” between dialects or learning a new language; over time, your speech even changes to reflect your evolving social identity and aspirations.

Interview with the Author

Podcast Art for the New Book NetworkNew Books Network
Katherine Kinzler, “How You Say It: Why You Talk the Way You Do- and What It Says About” (HMH, 2020)
9/11/20         51 min

Podcast art for Leonard Lopate at Large on WBAI Radio in New YorkLeonard Lopate at Large on WBAI Radio in New York 
Prof. Katherine D. Kinzler on How You Say It: Why You Talk the Way You Do and What It Says About You
8/3/20         55 min

Podcast art for Curious Minds at Work with Gayle AllenCurious Minds at Work
CM 173: Katherine Kinzler on How Languages Shapes Us
10/26/20       45 min

Podcast art for Inquiring MindsInquiring Minds 
Why you talk the way you do, and what it says about you
9/1/21        43 min

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