Book cover of In Praise of Failure: Four Lessons in Humility by Costica Bradatanby Costica Bradatan

Squarely challenging a culture obsessed with success, an acclaimed philosopher argues that failure is vital to a life well lived, curing us of arrogance and self-deception and engendering humility instead.

Our obsession with success is hard to overlook. Everywhere we compete, rank, and measure. Yet this relentless drive to be the best blinds us to something vitally important: the need to be humble in the face of life’s challenges. Costica Bradatan mounts his case for failure through the stories of four historical figures who led lives of impact and meaning―and assiduously courted failure. Their struggles show that engaging with our limitations can be not just therapeutic but transformative.

Interview with the Author

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The case for failure
3/16/23           49 min

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