Book cover of In the Dragon's Shadow: Southeast Asia in the Chinese Century by Sebastian Strangioby Sebastian Strangio

A timely look at the impact of China’s booming emergence on the countries of Southeast Asia

“An expert and lucid synthesis of the historical context and recent developments of Southeast Asia’s rich and complex relations with Beijing.”—John Reed, Financial Times

Today, Southeast Asia stands uniquely exposed to the waxing power of the new China. Three of its nations border China and five are directly impacted by its claims over the South China Sea. All dwell in the lengthening shadow of its influence: economic, political, military, and cultural. As China seeks to restore its former status as Asia’s preeminent power, the countries of Southeast Asia face an increasingly stark choice: flourish within Beijing’s orbit or languish outside of it. Meanwhile, as rival powers including the United States take concerted action to curb Chinese ambitions, the region has emerged as an arena of heated strategic competition.

Interview with the Author

Podcast Art for the New Book NetworkNew Books Network
Sebastian Strangio, “In the Dragon’s Shadow: Southeast Asia in the Chinese Century” (Yale UP, 2020)
11/23/20      108 min

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Southeast Asia in the dragon’s shadow: A conversation with Sebastian Strangio
10/22/20          63 min

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