by Kathy Peiss

While armies have seized enemy records and rare texts as booty throughout history, it was only during World War II that an unlikely band of librarians, archivists, and scholars traveled abroad to collect books and documents to aid the military cause. Galvanized by the events of war into
acquiring and preserving the written word, as well as providing critical information for intelligence purposes, these American civilians set off on missions to gather foreign publications and information across Europe. They journeyed to neutral cities in search of enemy texts, followed a step behind
advancing armies to capture records, and seized Nazi works from bookstores and schools. When the war ended, they found looted collections hidden in cellars and caves. Their mission was to document, exploit, preserve, and restitute these works, and even, in the case of Nazi literature, to destroy

Interview with the Author

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Kathy Peiss, “The Information Hunters” (Oxford UP. 2019)
3/4/20       34 min

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117 – Information Hunters
5/14/20       32 min

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Librarians, Books, and Intelligence Gathering in World War II with Kathy Peiss
4/14/20        58 min

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