by Caroline Criado Perez


Discover the shocking gender bias that affects our everyday lives

‘A rallying cry to fight back’ Sunday Times

‘Press this into the hands of everyone you know. It is utterly brilliant!’ Helena Kennedy

‘A game-changer; an uncompromising blitz of facts, sad, mad, bad and funny, making an unanswerable case and doing so brilliantly…the ambition and scope – and sheer originality – of Invisible Women is huge’ The Times

Interview with the Author

The Penguin Podcast
Caroline Criado Perez with Nihal Arthanayake
7/1/20      34 min

The Science Focus Podcast
Does data discriminate against women? – Caroline Criado Perez
9/11/19       40 min

Curious Minds with Gayle Allen
CM 138: Caroline Criado Perez on Invisible Women
6/25/19       52 min

99% Invisible
363 – Invisible Women
7/23/19       29 min

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