Book cover of Jellyfish Age Backwards: Nature's Secrets to Longevity by Nicklas Brendborgby Nicklas Brendborg

This eye-opening book offers a “clear and captivating” (Dr. Kris Verburgh​)scientific deep dive into how plants and animals have already unlocked the secrets to immortality–and the lessons they hold for us all. 

Recent advances in medicine and technology have expanded our understanding of aging across the animal kingdom, and our own timeless quest for the fountain of youth. Yet, despite modern humans living longer today than ever before, the public’s understanding of what is possible is limited to our species—until now. In this spunky, effervescent debut, the key to immortality is revealed to be a superpower within reach. With mind-bending stories from the natural world and our own, Jellyfish Age Backwards reveals lifespans we cannot imagine and physiological gifts that feel closer to magic than reality:

Interview with the Author

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#266 – Nicklas Brendborg on JELLYFISH AGE BACKWARDS
7/19/22           55 min

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The Science of Anti-Ageing, with Nicklas Brendborg
8/26/22          49 min

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