Book cover of King: A Life by Jonathan Eigby Jonathan Eig

“Supple, penetrating, heartstring-pulling and compulsively readable . . . Eig’s book is worthy of its subject.” ―Dwight Garner, The New York Times (Book Review Editors’ Choice)

“[King is] infused with the narrative energy of a thriller . . . The most compelling account of King’s life in a generation.” ―Mark Whitaker, The Washington Post

“No book could be more timely than Jonathan Eig’s sweeping and majestic new 
King . . . Eig has created 2023′s most vital tome.” ―Will Bunch, The Philadelphia Inquirer

Hailed by the 
New York Times as “the new definitive biography,” King mixes revelatory new research with accessible storytelling to offer an MLK for our times.

Interview with the Author

NPR's Book of the Day podcast artNPR’s Book of the Day 
A new biography of Martin Luther King, Jr. explores the activist’s life and faith
5/22/23           8 min

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“King had the perfect voice and message for the moment” A Conversation with Jonathan Eig about MLK (Part 1)
7/20/23           37 min

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Poured Over Double Shot: Héctor Tobar and Jonathan Eig
6/1/23            100 min

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#127: Jonathan Eig – “King: A Life”
6/20/23            46 min

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The Truth About Martin Luther King Jr.
7/12/23              83 min

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What It’s Like to Write an MLK Jr. Biography
6/16/23          33 min

Podcast art for The Chauncey DeVega ShowThe Chauncey DeVega Show 
Ep. 386: Jonathan Eig Takes Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Down Off The Monument and Makes Him Real
5/29/23          111 min

Podcast Art for Here's Where It Gets InterestingHere’s Where It Gets Interesting
The Real Dr. King with Jonathan Eig
6/2/23           38 min

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