Book cover of Koala: The Extraordinary Life of an Enigmatic Animal by Danielle Clodeby Danielle Clode

An Australian biologist delves into the extraordinary world of koalas, from their ancient ancestors to the current threats to their survival.

Koalas regularly appeared in Australian biologist Danielle Clode’s backyard, but it was only when a bushfire threatened that she truly paid them attention. She soon realized how much she had to learn about these complex and mysterious animals.

In vivid, descriptive prose, Clode embarks on a delightful and surprising journey through evolutionary biology, natural history, and ecology to understand where these enigmatic animals came from and what their future may hold. She begins her search with the fossils of ancient giant koalas, delving into why the modern koala has become the lone survivor of a once-diverse family of uniquely Australian marsupials.

Interview with the Author

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