Book cover of Land of Strangers: The Civilizing Project in Qing Central Asia by Eric Schluesselby Eric Schluessel

At the close of the nineteenth century, near the end of the Qing empire, Confucian revivalists from central China gained control of the Muslim-majority region of Xinjiang, or East Turkestan. There they undertook a program to transform Turkic-speaking Muslims into Chinese-speaking Confucians, seeking to bind this population and their homeland to the Chinese cultural and political realm. Instead of assimilation, divisions between communities only deepened, resulting in a profound estrangement that continues to this day.

In Land of Strangers, Eric Schluessel explores this encounter between Chinese power and a Muslim society through the struggles of ordinary people in the oasis of Turpan.

Interview with the Author

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Eric Schluessel, “Land of Strangers: The Civilizing Project in Qing Central Asia” (Columbia UP, 2020)
6/4/21           73 min

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