Book cover of Liberalism in Dark Times: The Liberal Ethos in the Twentieth Century by Joshua L. Chernissby Joshua L. Cherniss

A timely defense of liberalism that draws vital lessons from its greatest midcentury proponents

Today, liberalism faces threats from across the political spectrum. While right-wing populists and leftist purists righteously violate liberal norms, theorists of liberalism seem to have little to say. In Liberalism in Dark Times, Joshua Cherniss issues a rousing defense of the liberal tradition, drawing on a neglected strand of liberal thought.

Assaults on liberalism—a political order characterized by limits on political power and respect for individual rights—are nothing new.

Interview with the Author

Podcast Art of Intelligence SquaredIntelligence Squared 
Liberalism in Dark Times
1/11/22           50 min

Podcast art for The Political Theory ReviewThe Political Theory Review
Episode 102: Joshua Cherniss – Liberalism in Dark Times
5/23/22            94 min

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