Book cover of Light-Horse Harry Lee: The Rise and Fall of a Revolutionary Hero - The Tragic Life of Robert E. Lee's Father by Ryan coleby Ryan Cole

“Light-Horse Harry blazes across the pages of Ryan Cole’s narrative like a meteor—and his final crash is as destructive. Cole tells his story with care, sympathy, and where necessary, sternness. This book is a great, and sometimes harrowing read.” —Richard Brookhiser, senior editor at National Review and author of Founding Father: Rediscovering George Washington

Who was “Light-Horse Harry” Lee? 

Gallant Revolutionary War hero. Quintessential Virginia cavalryman. George Washington’s trusted subordinate and immortal eulogist. Robert E. Lee’s beloved father. Founding father who shepherded the Constitution through the Virginia Ratifying Convention. 

But Light-Horse Harry Lee was also a con man. A beachcomber. Imprisoned for debt. Caught up in sordid squabbles over squalid land deals. Maimed for life by an angry political mob.

Interview with the Author

Podcast art for Conversations at the Washington LibraryConversations at the Washington Library 
123. Tracing the Rise and Fall of Light-Horse Harry Lee with Ryan Cole
9/12/19           54 min

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Light-Horse Harry Lee: A Founding Father’s Journey From Glory to Ruin
3/28/19           64 min

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