by Bryan Washington 

“Phenomenal” –Justin Torres, author of We the Animals
“Brilliant” –Nicole Dennis-Benn, author of Here Comes the Sun
“A profound exploration of the true meaning of borders.” —The New York Times Book Review

NAMED ONE OF THE 10 BEST BOOKS OF 2019 in the New York Times by Dwight Garner
New York Times Notable Book of 2019

In the city of Houston – a sprawling, diverse microcosm of America – the son of a black mother and a Latino father is coming of age. He’s working at his family’s restaurant, weathering his brother’s blows, resenting his older sister’s absence. And discovering he likes boys.

Interview with the Author

The Stacks
The Short Stacks: 10: Bryan Washington / Lot
4/8/19       37 min

F***ing Shakespeare
Bryan Washington, novelist
1/22/20       52 min

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