Book cover of Metropolis: A History of the City, Humankind's Greatest Invention by Ben Wilsonby Ben Wilson

In a captivating tour of cities famous and forgotten, acclaimed historian Ben Wilson tells the glorious, millennia-spanning story how urban living sparked humankind’s greatest innovations.


“A towering achievement. . . . Reading this book is like visiting an exhilarating city for the first time—dazzling.” —The Wall Street Journal

During the two hundred millennia of humanity’s existence, nothing has shaped us more profoundly than the city. From their very beginnings, cities created such a flourishing of human endeavor—new professions, new forms of art, worship and trade—that they kick-started civilization.

Interview with the Author

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Ben Wilson on the Invention of the City
11/6/21        45 min

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Why We Can’t Quit Cities 
5/14/21        33 min

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