by Tom Wainwright

Picking his way through Andean cocaine fields, Central American prisons, Colorado pot shops, and the online drug dens of the Dark Web, Tom Wainwright provides a fresh, innovative look into the drug trade and its 250 million customers. More than just an investigation of how drug cartels do business, Narconomics is also a blueprint for how to defeat them.

How does a budding cartel boss succeed (and survive) in the 300 billion illegal drug business? By learning from the best, of course. From creating brand value to fine-tuning customer service, the folks running cartels have been attentive students of the strategy and tactics used by corporations such as Walmart, McDonald’s, and Coca-Cola.

Interview with the Author

Tom Wainwright on Narconomics
2/20/17       72 min

The Jordan Harbinger Show
387: Tom Wainwright | How to Run a Drug Cartel
8/6/20       67 min

Cato Daily Podcast
Narconomics: How to Run a Drug Cartel
3/2/16        18 min

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