Book cover of Nomads: The Wanderers Who Shaped Our World by Anthony Sattinby Anthony Sattin

The remarkable story of how nomads have fostered and refreshed civilization throughout our history.

Moving across millennia, Nomads explores the transformative and often bloody relationship between settled and mobile societies. Often overlooked in history, the story of the umbilical connections between these two very different ways of living presents a radical new view of human civilization. From the Neolithic revolution to the twenty-first century via the rise and fall of the Roman Empire, the great nomadic empires of the Arabs and Mongols, the Mughals and the development of the Silk Road, nomads have been a perpetual counterbalance to the empires created by the power of human cities.

Interview with the Author

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Anthony Sattin, “Nomads: The Wanderers Who Shaped Our World” (Norton, 2022)
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