Book cover of Otherlands: A Journey Through Earth's Extinct Worlds  by Thomas Hallidayby Thomas Halliday

“Immersive . . . bracingly ambitious . . . rewinds the story of life on Earth—from the mammoth steppe of the last Ice Age to the dawn of multicellular creatures over 500 million years ago.”—The Economist

“One of those rare books that’s both deeply informative and daringly imaginative.”—Elizabeth Kolbert, author of Under a White Sky

The past is past, but it does leave clues, and Thomas Halliday has used cutting-edge science to decipher them more completely than ever before. In Otherlands, Halliday makes sixteen fossil sites burst to life on the page.

Interview with the Author

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Ep. 46 – Paleobiologist Thomas Halliday on the Animals of Ancient Worlds
3/21/22         58 min

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Otherlands: A Journey Into Our Planet’s Deep Past, with Thomas Halliday
5/25/22           45 min

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Interview with Thomas Halliday, Journeying Through Deep Time to the Otherlands
4/20/22           63 min

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