Book cover of Our Boys: The Story of a Paratrooper by Helen Parrby Helen Parr

‘Outstanding … There can be few better books about fighting men in all their bravery, terror and shame’ Ian Jack, Guardian

Our Boys brings to life the human experiences of the paratroopers who fought in the Falklands War, and examines the long aftermath of that conflict. It is a first in many ways – a history of the Parachute Regiment, a group with an elite and aggressive reputation; a study of close-quarters combat on the Falkland Islands; and an exploration of the many legacies of this short and symbolic war.

Told unflinchingly through the experiences of people who lived through it, Our Boys shows how the Falklands conflict began to change Britain’s relationship with its soldiers, and our attitudes to trauma and war itself. It is also the story of one particular soldier: the author’s uncle, who was killed during the conflict, and whose fate has haunted both the author and his fellow paratroopers ever since.

Interview with the Author

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Helen Parr: Our Boys
9/13/18        31 min

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86. Helen Parr (2019)
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