Book cover of Phoenicians and the Making of the Mediterranean by Carolina Lopez Ruizby Carolina López-Ruiz

The first comprehensive history of the cultural impact of the Phoenicians, who knit together the ancient Mediterranean world long before the rise of the Greeks.

Imagine you are a traveler sailing to the major cities around the Mediterranean in 750 BC. You would notice a remarkable similarity in the dress, alphabet, consumer goods, and gods from Gibraltar to Tyre. This was not the Greek world―it was the Phoenician. Based in Tyre, Sidon, Byblos, and other cities along the coast of present-day Lebanon, the Phoenicians spread out across the Mediterranean building posts, towns, and ports. Propelled by technological advancements of a kind unseen since the Neolithic revolution, Phoenicians knit together diverse Mediterranean societies, fostering a literate and sophisticated urban elite sharing common cultural, economic, and aesthetic modes.

Interview with the Author

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Carolina López-Ruiz, “Phoenicians and the Making of the Mediterranean” (Harvard UP, 2021)
3/14/22           52 min

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The Phoenician World 
2/22/22           62 min

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