Book cover of What's Hidden Inside Planets? by Sabine Stanley
Astronomy & Space Science

What’s Hidden Inside Planets?

Extreme heat. Extreme cold. Extreme pressure. Toxic gases. Scorching magma flows, and ice volcanoes. Interior tides. Asteroids filled with gold. In What’s Hidden Inside Planets? planetary scientist Dr. Sabine Stanley cracks the surface to reveal the beating heart of planets and what created them—from the building blocks of swirling cosmic dust, pebbles, and gas to coalesced planetesimal beginnings to the worlds we see today. We’re only beginning to explore the secretive interiors of planets, where awe-inspiring wonders await. […Learn More]

Book cover of Soviets in Space: Russia’s Cosmonauts and the Space Frontier by Colin Burgess
Astronomy & Space Science

Soviets in Space: Russia’s Cosmonauts and the Space Frontier

In this deeply researched chronology, Colin Burgess describes the Soviet Union’s extraordinary success in the pioneering years of space exploration. Within a decade the Soviets not only launched the world’s first satellite, but were the first to send an animal and a human being into Earth orbit. More than that, their ground-breaking missions sent a woman into space, launched a three-man spacecraft and included the first person to walk in space. […Learn More]

Book Cover of The Milky Way: An Autobiography of Our Galaxy by Moiya McTier
Astronomy & Space Science

The Milky Way: An Autobiography of Our Galaxy

Astrophysicist and folklorist Dr. Moiya McTier channels The Milky Way in this approachable and utterly fascinating autobiography of the titular galaxy, detailing what humans have discovered about everything from its formation to its eventual death, and what more there is to learn about this galaxy we call home. […Learn More]

Book cover of Galileo: And the Science Deniers by Mario Livio
Biography & Autobiography

Galileo: And the Science Deniers

A fresh interpretation of the life of Galileo Galilei, one of history’s greatest and most fascinating scientists, that sheds new light on his discoveries and how he was challenged by science deniers. “We really need this story now, because we’re living through the next chapter of science denial” (Bill McKibben). […Learn More]

Book cover of The Sirens of Mars: Searching for Life on Another World by Sarah Stewart Johnson
Astronomy & Space Science

The Sirens of Mars: Searching for Life on Another World

Mars was once similar to Earth, but today there are no rivers, no lakes, no oceans. Coated in red dust, the terrain is bewilderingly empty. And yet multiple spacecraft are circling Mars, sweeping over Terra Sabaea, Syrtis Major, the dunes of Elysium, and Mare Sirenum—on the brink, perhaps, of a staggering find, one that would inspire humankind as much as any discovery in the history of modern science. […Learn More]