Book Cover of Crucible The Long End of the Great War & the Birth of a New World by Charles Emmerson

Crucible: The Long End of the Great War and the Birth of a New World, 1917 – 1924

The gripping story of the years that ended the Great War and launched Europe and America onto the roller coaster of the twentieth century, Crucible is filled with all-too-human tales of exuberant dreams, dark fears, and the absurdities of chance

In Petrograd, a fire is lit. The Tsar is packed off to Siberia. A rancorous Russian exile returns to proclaim a workers’ revolution. In America, black soldiers who have served their country in Europe demand their rights at home. […Learn More]

Book Cover of The Future History of the Arctic by Charles Emmerson
Arctic & Antarctica

The Future History of the Arctic

Long at the margins of global affairs and at the edge of our mental map of the world, the Arctic has found its way to the center of the issues which will challenge and define our world in the twenty-first century: energy security and the struggle for natural resources, climate change and its uncertain speed and consequences, the return of great power competition, the remaking of global trade patterns […Learn More]