Biography & Autobiography

The Habsburgs: To Rule the World

The definitive history of a powerful family dynasty who dominated Europe for centuries — from their rise to power to their eventual downfall.
In┬áThe Habsburgs, Martyn Rady tells the epic story of a dynasty and the world it built — and then lost — over nearly a millennium. From modest origins, the Habsburgs gained control of the Holy Roman Empire in the fifteenth century. Then, in just a few decades, their possessions rapidly expanded to take in a large part of Europe, stretching from Hungary to Spain, and parts of the New World and the Far East. The Habsburgs continued to dominate Central Europe through the First World War. […Learn More]


Ring of Steel: Germany and Austria – Hungary in World War I

A prize-winning, magisterial history of World War I from the perspective of the defeated Central Powers
For the Central Powers, the First World War started with high hopes for an easy victory. But those hopes soon deteriorated as Germany’s attack on France failed, Austria-Hungary’s armies suffered catastrophic losses, and Britain’s ruthless blockade brought both nations to the brink of starvation. The Central powers were trapped in the Allies’ ever-tightening Ring of Steel. […Learn More]