Book cover of The World: A Family History of Humanity by Simon Sebag Montefiore
Biography & Autobiography

The World: A Family History of Humanity

Around 950,000 years ago, a family of five walked along the beach and left behind the oldest family footprints ever discovered. For award-winning historian Simon Sebag Montefiore, these poignant, familiar fossils serve as an inspiration for a new kind of world history, one that is genuinely global, spans all eras and all continents, and focuses on the family ties that connect every one of us. […Learn More]

Book cover of Emperor of Rome: Ruling the Ancient Roman World by Mary Beard
Ancient Civilizations

Emperor of Rome: Ruling the Ancient Roman World

In her international bestseller SPQR, Mary Beard told the thousand-year story of ancient Rome, from its slightly shabby Iron Age origins to its reign as the undisputed hegemon of the Mediterranean. Now, drawing on more than thirty years of teaching and writing about Roman history, Beard turns to the emperors who ruled the Roman Empire, beginning with Julius Caesar (assassinated 44 BCE) and taking us through the nearly three centuries—and some thirty emperors—that separate him from the boy-king Alexander Severus (assassinated 235 CE). […Learn More]

Book cover of Beyond the Wall by Katja Hoyer

Beyond the Wall

In 1990, a country disappeared. When the Iron Curtain fell, East Germany simply ceased to be. For over forty years, from the ruin of the Second World War to the cusp of a new millennium, the GDR presented a radically different German identity to anything that had come before, and anything that exists today. Socialist solidarity, secret police, central planning, barbed wire: this was a Germany forged on the fault lines of ideology and geopolitics. […Learn More]

Book cover of Pathogenesis: A History of the World in Eight Plagues by Jonathan Kennedy
Health and Psychology

Pathogenesis: A History of the World in Eight Plagues

According to the accepted narrative of progress, humans have thrived thanks to their brains and brawn, collectively bending the arc of history. But in this revelatory book, Professor Jonathan Kennedy argues that the myth of human exceptionalism overstates the role that we play in social and political change. Instead, it is the humble microbe that wins wars and topples empires. […Learn More]

Book cover of España: A Brief History of Spain by Giles Tremlett

España: A Brief History of Spain

Bestselling author of Ghosts of Spain Giles Tremlett traverses the rich and varied history of Spain, from prehistoric times to today, in a brief, accessible primer with color illustrations throughout.
[…Learn More]

Book cover of The House of Dudley: A New History of the Tudor Era by Joanne Paul
Biography & Autobiography

The House of Dudley: A New History of the Tudor Era

The shocking and extraordinary story of the most-conniving, manipulative Tudor family you’ve never heard of—the dashing and daring House of Dudley.

Each Tudor monarch made their name with a Dudley by their side—or by crushing one beneath their feet. […Learn More]

Book cover of Shadowlands: A Journey Through Britain's Lost Cities and Vanished Villages by Matthew Green

Shadowlands: A Journey Through Britain’s Lost Cities and Vanished Villages

Drowned. Buried by sand. Decimated by plague. Plunged off a cliff. This is the extraordinary tale of Britain’s eerie and remarkable ghost towns and villages; shadowlands that once hummed with life. Peering through the cracks of history, we find Dunwich, a medieval city plunged off a cliff by sea storms; the abandoned village of Wharram Percy, wiped out by the Black Death; the lost city of Trellech unearthed by moles in 2002; and a Norfolk village zombified by the military and turned into a Nazi, Soviet, and Afghan village for training. […Learn More]