Book cover of National Treasures: Saving The Nation's Art in World War II by Caroline Shenton

National Treasures: Saving The Nation’s Art in World War II

As Hitler prepared to invade Poland during the sweltering summer of 1939, men and women from across London’s museums, galleries and archives formulated ingenious plans to send the nation’s highest prized objects to safety. Using stately homes, tube tunnels, slate mines, castles, prisons, stone quarries and even their own homes, a dedicated bunch of unlikely misfits packed up the nation’s greatest treasures and, in a race against time, dispatched them throughout the country on a series of top-secret wartime adventures. […Learn More]

Book cover of Lost Art: The Art Loss Register Casebook Volume One by Anja Shortland
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Lost Art: The Art Loss Register Casebook Volume One

Countless dollars of art are stolen or looted every year, yet governments often consider art theft a luxury problem. With limited public law enforcement, what prevents thieves, looters and organised criminal gangs from flooding the market with stolen art? How can theft victims get justice – even decades after their loss? What happens if the legal definition of a good title is at odds with what is morally right? […Learn More]