Book cover of Project Europe: A History by Kiran Klaus Patel

Project Europe: A History

Today it often appears as though the European Union has entered existential crisis after decades of success, condemned by its adversaries as a bureaucratic monster eroding national sovereignty: at best wasteful, at worst dangerous. How did we reach this point and how has European integration impacted on ordinary people’s lives – not just in the member states, but also beyond? Did the predecessors of today’s EU really create peace after World War II, as is often argued? How about its contribution to creating prosperity? […Learn More]

Book cover of The New Deal: A Global History by Kiran Klaus Patel
Biography & History

The New Deal: A Global History

The first history of the new deal in global context

The New Deal: A Global History provides a radically new interpretation of a pivotal period in US history. The first comprehensive study of the New Deal in a global context, the book compares American responses to the international crisis of capitalism and democracy during the 1930s to responses by other countries around the globeā€•not just in Europe but also in Latin America, Asia, and other parts of the world. […Learn More]