by Alan Lightman

From the acclaimed author of Einstein’s Dreams, a collection of meditative essays on the possibilities—and impossibilities—of nothingness and infinity, and how our place in the cosmos falls somewhere in between

Can space be divided into smaller and smaller units, ad infinitum? Does space extend to larger and larger regions, on and on to infinityIs consciousness reducible to the material brain and its neurons? What was the origin of life, and can biologists create life from scratch in the lab?

Physicist and novelist Alan Lightman, whom The Washington Post has called “the poet laureate of science writers,” explores these questions and more—from the anatomy of a smile to the capriciousness of memory to the specialness of life in the universe to what came before the Big Bang.
Probable Impossibilities is a deeply engaged consideration of what we know of the universe, of life and the mind, and of things vastly larger and smaller than ourselves.

Interview with the Author

New Books Network
Alan Lightman, “Probable Impossibilities: Musings on Beginnings and Endings” (Pantheon, 2021)
2/18/21       34 min

Keen On
Alan Lightman on Humans’ “Beginnings” and the Cosmos
2/3/21       33 min

The James Altucher Show
697 – Think About Probable Impossibilities with Alan Lightman
3/11/21      54 min

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