Book cover of Radical Uncertainty: Decision-Making Beyond the Numbers by John Kay and Mervyn Kingby John Kay & Mervyn King

Much economic advice is bogus quantification, warn two leading experts in this essential book, now with a preface on COVID-19. Invented numbers offer a false sense of security; we need instead robust narratives that give us the confidence to manage uncertainty.

“An elegant and careful guide to thinking about personal and social economics, especially in a time of uncertainty. The timing is impeccable.” — Christine Kenneally, New York Times Book Review

Some uncertainties are resolvable. The insurance industry’s actuarial tables and the gambler’s roulette wheel both yield to the tools of probability theory. Most situations in life, however, involve a deeper kind of uncertainty, a radical uncertainty for which historical data provide no useful guidance to future outcomes. 

Interview with the Author

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