Book cover of Regime Change: Toward a Postliberal Future by Patrick Deneenby Patrick J. Deneen

From Notre Dame professor and author of Why Liberalism Failed comes a provocative call for replacing the tyranny of the self-serving liberal elite with conservative leaders aligned with the interests of the working class

Classical liberalism promised to overthrow the old aristocracy, creating an order in which individuals could create their own identities and futures. To some extent it did—but it has also demolished the traditions and institutions that nourished ordinary people and created a new and exploitative ruling class. This class’s economic libertarianism, progressive values, and technocratic commitments have led them to rule for the benefit of the “few” at the expense of the “many,” precipitating our current political crises.

Interview with the Author

Podcast art for The Federalist Radio HourFederalist Radio Hour 
Patrick Deneen On ‘Regime Change’ And The ‘Postliberal Future’
6/6/23           47 min

Podcast art for Conservative Conversations with ISIConservative Conversations with ISI 
Special Episode featuring Patrick Deneen and Senator JD Vance: Regime Change and the Future of Liberalism
6/13/23          65 min

Podcast art for Capitalisn'tCapitalisn’t 
A Conservative Critique Of Capitalism, With Patrick Deneen
9/21/23          58 min

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