by Neil Shubin 

The author of the best-selling Your Inner Fish gives us a lively and accessible account of the great transformations in the history of life on Earth–a new view of the evolution of human and animal life that explains how the incredible diversity of life on our planet came to be.

Over billions of years, ancient fish evolved to walk on land, reptiles transformed into birds that fly, and apelike primates evolved into humans that walk on two legs, talk, and write. For more than a century, paleontologists have traveled the globe to find fossils that show how such changes have happened.

Interview with the Author

The Dr. Drew Podcast
Neil Shubin
5/27/20       52 min

Science Focus Podcast
Neil Shubin: How do big changes in evolution happen?
5/4/20         36 min

The Michael Shermer Show
109. Neil Shubin – Some Assembly Required: Decoding Four Billion Years of Life, from Ancient Fossils to DNA
3/24/20           91 min

Sean Carrol’s Mindscape
88|Neil Shubin on Evolution, Genes, and Dramatic Transitions
3/16/20         93 min

Seattle Town In the Moment
59. Neil Shubin with Steve Scher: Decoding Four Billion Years of Life
3/23/20          47 min

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