Book cover of Sounds Wild and Broken: Sonic Marvels, Evolution's Creativity, and the Crisis of Sensory Extinction by David George Haskellby David George Haskell

“[A] glorious guide to the miracle of life’s sound.” The New York Times Book Review

A lyrical exploration of the diverse sounds of our planet, the creative processes that produced these marvels, and the perils that sonic diversity now faces

We live on a planet alive with song, music, and speech. David Haskell explores how these wonders came to be. In rain forests shimmering with insect sound and swamps pulsing with frog calls we learn about evolution’s creative powers. From birds in the Rocky Mountains and on the streets of Paris, we discover how animals learn their songs and adapt to new environments.

Interview with the Author

Podcast art for Instant Genius a Science Focus PodcastInstant Genius 
Sound in the animal kingdom, with David George Haskell
4/17/22           30 min

Podcast Art for the New Book NetworkNew Books Network 
David George Haskell, “Sounds Wild and Broken: Sonic Marvels, Evolution’s Creativity, and the Crisis of Sensory Extinction” (Viking, 2022)
6/3/22           61 min 

Emergence Magazine Podcast 
When the Earth Started to Sing – David G. Haskell
3/1/22          42 min

Podcasts Art for Smarty PantsSmarty Pants 
#221: The Sound of Science
3/11/22           43 min

Podcast Art for Seattle Town Hall Science SeriesTown Hall Seattle Science Series 
175. David Haskell with Lyanda Lynn Haupt: The Evolution of Sound
3/29/22           69 min

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