Book cover of Super Volcanoes: What They Reveal about Earth and the Worlds Beyond by Robin George Andrewsby Robin Andrews

Yet despite their reputation for destruction, volcanoes are inseparable from the creation of our planet.

A lively and utterly fascinating guide to these geologic wonders, Super Volcanoes revels in the incomparable power of volcanic eruptions past and present, Earthbound and otherwise—and recounts the daring and sometimes death-defying careers of the scientists who study them. Science journalist and volcanologist Robin George Andrews explores how these eruptions reveal secrets about the worlds to which they belong, describing the stunning ways in which volcanoes can sculpt the sea, land, and sky, and even influence the machinery that makes or breaks the existence of life.

Interview with the Author

Podcast Art for Seattle Town Hall Science SeriesTown Hall Seattle Science Series 
170. Robin George Andrews: What Volcanic Eruptions Can Reveal About Our Planet
2/23/22        57 min

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