Book cover of Superpower in Peril: A Battle Plan to Renew America by David McCormickby David McCormick

Discover a groundbreaking vision for how to unlock America’s full potential for greatness from one of the country’s foremost conservative leaders:  David McCormick, the former CEO of Bridgewater Associates.

It’s easy to be pessimistic about the state of our country these days, but as McCormick explains, if the true test of a great country is its capacity for self-renewal, the United States of America stands apart. Our country has continually defeated grave threats and overcome domestic divisions when the odds have been stacked against us. That’s the American story, and we can do it again.

Drawing on decades of leadership in business, the military, and government, McCormick issues a call for visionary, servant leadership and outlines a conservative agenda for American renewal that would expand access to the American Dream, ensure U.S. technological supremacy, confront China, and revive the restless, courageous, and indefatigable spirit that dwells within the American heart.

Interview with the Author

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