Book cover for Tangled Up in Blue: Policing the American City by Rosa Brooksby Rosa Brooks

Journalist and law professor Rosa Brooks goes beyond the “blue wall of silence” in this radical inside examination of American policing

In her forties, with two children, a spouse, a dog, a mortgage, and a full-time job as a tenured law professor at Georgetown University, Rosa Brooks decided to become a cop. A liberal academic and journalist with an enduring interest in law’s troubled relationship with violence, Brooks wanted the kind of insider experience that would help her understand how police officers make sense of their world—and whether that world can be changed. In 2015, against the advice of everyone she knew, she applied to become a sworn, armed reserve police officer with the Washington, DC, Metropolitan Police Department.

Interview with the Author

Podcast art for After Words from C-SpanAfter Words
Rosa Brooks, “Tangled Up in Blue: Policing the American City”
3/21/21         58 min

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#109 – Rosa Brooks on TANGLED UP IN BLUE
2/23/21          20 min

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Tangled Up in Blue: Policing the American City, with Rosa Brooks
2/18/21        56 min

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Rosa Brooks on American Policing
3/2/21          46 min

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Rosa Brooks on Going Inside the Closed World of Policing
3/10/21        28 min




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