Book cover of Thaddeus Stevens: Civil War Revolutionary, Fighter for Racial Justice  by Bruce C. Levineby Bruce C. Levine

A “powerful” (The Wall Street Journal) biography of one of the 19th century’s greatest statesmen, encompassing his decades-long fight against slavery and his postwar struggle to bring racial justice to America.

Thaddeus Stevens was among the first to see the Civil War as an opportunity for a second American revolution—a chance to remake the country as a genuine multiracial democracy. As one of the foremost abolitionists in Congress in the years leading up to the war, he was a leader of the young Republican Party’s radical wing, fighting for anti-slavery and anti-racist policies long before party colleagues like Abraham Lincoln endorsed them. These policies—including welcoming black men into the Union’s armies—would prove crucial to the Union war effort.

Interview with the Author

Podcast art for Leaders and LegendsLeaders and Legends 
Professor Bruce Levine on Thaddeus Stevens
3/22/21            68 min

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